Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Ivanov to state his views after receiving written document of negotiations with Greece (VIDEO)

The head of the state, Gjorgje Ivanov, requested to receive in writing what has been discussed in the negotiations with Greece, and then he will give a statementabout the proposal that was presented by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev as a possible solution after the leaders’ meeting, the Republic of Ilinden Macedonia.

He did not want to bring any personal views as a citizen of Macedonia, nor as President as to whether the proposal is a dignified and he repeated that he required the proposal in writing.

“This is the first time we were informed about some things. I expect to receive all proposals in a written document. At this meeting we did not build a position, we just got the information. We expect in the future not to be selectively informed, but to have full insight to know what issues are being discussed,” said Ivanov.