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Parliament adopts decision on reallocation of funds among budget beneficiaries


The Parliament adopted Saturday the Government’s decision over reallocation of funds among budget beneficiaries by 51 votes “in favor” and 25 “against”.

The reallocation of MKD 1,65 billion (EUR 26,8 million) among budget beneficiaries is to secure funds for payment of matured liabilities, at the expense of projects that have been delayed.

Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski elaborated the decision, saying cuts have been made from items that would not be realized, and reallocated for payment of outstanding liabilities.

“Several larger outstanding liabilities are to be paid, such as the Macedonian Philharmonic hall, Ministry of Interior equipment, construction of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Albanian  Theatre, Tetovo theatre and library, translation and printing of vocational literature, translation of books by renowned authors, and free instruction books. These transfers will secure savings over the next decade by way of interest rates or court costs for untimely payment”, said Tevdovski.

These debts will be covered by funds overtaken from items that include delayed realization or certainty that the funds would not be used by the year-end.

“The main reason for such realization are the specific circumstances over the course of the year, primarily the political uncertainty in the first half and the local elections in the second half of 2017″, added the FinMin.

VMRO-DPMNE’s Ilija Dimovski said the ultimate objective of the decision is justified because it enables the entry of about EUR 50 million into the economy.

“However, this decision is the first diagnosis of the SDSM-led government over deficiencies in planning and realization of funds”, stressed Dimovski.

SDSM’s Vasko Kovacevski said the Government’s decision is good, smart and practical, because funds not used by the year-end would now be reallocated into more practical items.

“We will free some ministries from the excessive burden of liabilities. Funds will be paid to suppliers, along with elimination of interest rates and enforcement orders”, said Kovacevski.

Minister Tevdovski noted that the government has been faced with dubious projects, problems in construction, planning, documentation etc.

“In the defense sector, for example, there is a problematic agreement on helicopter repairs, there are agreements involving the Pilot Training Centre that in practice do not meet the criteria for production of new pilots and there is no logic in paying for it”, underlined Tevdovski.