Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

Parliament committee endorses first draft-amendments on Republic of North Macedonia

The Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Issues endorsed Thursday the first draft-constitutional amendment by ten ‘Yes’ votes and five ‘No’.

This draft- amendment proposes the replacement of the word Republic of Macedonia with the Republic of North Macedonia everywhere in the Constitution, except for Article 36, where there is a historical aspect.

On the second day of the debate, the opposition again accused that the whole process of changing the name and the constitution took place non-transparently and without consensus, and that the will of the people expressed in the referendum was not respected. They proposed with a draft amendment to ensure protection of everything that means changing the constitutional name.

This was replicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Zernovski who rejected the accusations that the process was non-transparent and that the opposition was not consulted. He pointed out that six tete-a-tete meetings were held to explain the whole process.

The president of VMRO-DPMNE in the whole process said that this agreement and the signing is a responsibility of the Government. When you have a process where the opposition and the president of the state are permanently consulted, and they do not state their positions and leave the meetings, then it can be concluded that it is running away from responsibility, Zernovski noted.

The Committee on Constitutional Issues continues the hearing after the second draft amendment, which replaces the decisions of ASNOM in the Preamble of the Constitution with the proclamation of ASNOM and adds the Ohrid Framework Agreement.