Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | News today: 0

Parliament set to vote on changes to 2016 budget


Macedonian Parliament is expected to vote on Friday on the proposal to rebalance the 2016 budget. Discussions on the proposal were completed by late Wednesday evening.

During the debates members from the ruling coalition announced they will vote to support the rebalancing, while the opposition SDSM party said it will vote against and demanded that the Government stops the euro denominated bond auction which eventually sold bonds worth 450 million EUR.

The rebalancing reflects on lower than expected growth rates of 2,6 percent of GDP (down from the original estimate of 4 percent). Total revenue is now projected to reach 174,2 billion denars (2,8 billion EUR) and spending will reach 195,4 billion denars (3,1 billion EUR).

Parliament will also discuss the annual report of the Judicial Council, proposals to appoint members of the Council, the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Postal Agency, as well as on the proposals to ratify treaties with Serbia, Itay and Vietnam.