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Patriarch Neofit: Decision on MOC is complicated, had to be carefully considered


Decision on the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC-OA) had been delayed for many years because it was complicated and had to be very carefully considered, stated Bulgarian Orthodox Church Patriarch Neofit, answering questions from the media.

Neofit noted that this issue should be carefully considered and the decision to be brought by the majority and all Orthodox churches to have a clear idea of the question of autocephaly, which was not considered at the last world’s Orthodox Bishops gathering in Crete.

The Macedonians are our brothers and accepting the outstretched hand of the Macedonian Orthodox Church is the least we can do, Patriarch Neofit said.

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is to consider Monday the letter from the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric sent on November 9 asking to be recognised as an autocephalous church and for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to be its mother church.

According to the announcements of Bulgarian bishops, a prompt answer from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is not expected, but a commission will be formed to inform other orthodox churches and to hear their opinion in regard to MOC-OA request.