Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Pendarovski and Spasovski seek international help

SDSM’s presidential candidate, Stevo Pendarovski, has supported the party leader Zoran Zaev.

He stated on the press conference that he does not recognize election results according to which he won 400.000 votes, or 140.000 less than President Ivanov.

“I completely stand behind the election process qualifications stated Monday by SDSM leader, Zoran Zaev. If there had been democracy, the difference would have been at least 100.000-150.000 votes in my favor”, replied Pendarovski when asked whether he recognizes SEC’s results.

Pendarovski finds the incumbent party guilty of the new political crises in the country, defending the opposition’s concept for free Macedonia.

In his opinion, citizens who voted for VMRO-DPMNE are not to blame, since the were forced to trade with their votes.

Pendarovski appealed to international community representatives, pointing out after elections foreign officials usually have talks with the opposition, not the government which creates the irregularities. He asked for the international community to criticize the government.

SDSM Secretary General, Oliver Spasovski, requested the same, urging international community to give direct assessment of the elections.