Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

PM Zaev confirms he is mulling government reshuffle


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Saturday he was considering reshuffling the government and increasing the number of MPs in the parliamentary majority.

“The government will undergo reshuffle first because the number of MPs in parliamentary majority will rise. I think we should make sure Parliament is stabilized. I hope the opposition will return to Parliament very soon. I hope this will happen, which in turn will prompt government reshuffle,” he told reporters during his visit to the Municipality of Konce, southeastern Macedonia.

Asked to comment on Sunday’s visit of the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, Zaev called it ‘encouragement’ and ‘serious motivation to complete the reform implementation.’

“For us, it is an encouragement, serious motivation to complete the reforms stemming from the 3-6-9 Plan, to keep on the processes aimed at improving the quality of living, because we are confident that the EU will give us a date to negotiate only if we deserve it,” noted PM Zaev.

He said he expected the term when Macedonia would be given unconditioned recommendation to be precised and an encouragement that a date for start of accession talks could be set in June.

Asked about the Deputy PM Bujar Osmani’s decision to cancel his participation in a Western Balkans conference in Banja Luka because Kosovo hadn’t been invited, Zaev responded:

“The solidarity amongst all six Western Balkan countries to always be together is the reason behind Osmani’s statement… I don’t know why Kosovo hasn’t been invited, probably it is not recognized by BiH. If one or two countries are not invited, then what’s the point the other countries to attend. I cannot confirm if his statement is appropriate, because without my explanation I’m aware that the wrong message can be sent to our partners in the region. We want to have good relations with everyone in the region and we have to pay attention to the impact a statement can have abroad, in our neighboring countries, and at home.”