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Poetry anthology to mark 55th anniversary of Skopje earthquake


That Fateful Day: July 26, 1963, a new poetry anthology edited by journalists Sveto Stamenov and Iskra Colovikj together with prof. Vasil Tocinovski, will be launched on the 55th anniversary of the Skopje earthquake, on July 26.

The anthology contains 182 poems by 90 poets from Macedonia and around the world expressing their grief at the disastrous earthquake that struck Skopje, as well as their hopes the city would rise from the ashes.

Some poems were written especially for the anthology.

In addition to works by the newest generation of Macedonian poets, the book includes poetry by well-known authors such as Aco Shopov, Gane Todorovski, Slavko Janevski, Ante Popovski, Vlada Urosevikj, Evgenija Shuplinova, Bistrica Mirkulovska, Dragica Najchevska, Tome Arsovski, Cane Andreevski, Lazo Karovski, Ivan Chapovski, Ljupcho Stojmenski, and Slavka Arsova.

The anthology also includes the entire sonnet sequence of 33 Skopje sonnets by Croatian philosopher, poet, and one of the first professors at the Skopje Faculty of Philosophy Pavao Vuk-Pavlović.

The sonnets, published as a book under the title Ruins (Razvaline) in 1964, were originally written in Croatian and translated into Macedonian by prof. Kiril Temkov fifty years later.

Other international authors include Croatian poets Jure Kaštelan and Slavko MihalićSerbian poet Ivan B. Lalić, Montenegrin poet Jevrem BrkovićAustrian poet Christine Busta, Italian poet Elio Filippo Accrocca, Chilean poet Alberto Baeza Flores, and French poet Lucie Albertini.

That Fateful Day: July 26, 1963 contains a section featuring song lyrics, as well. They were performed by legendary Macedonian artists Nikola Badev, Vaska Ilieva, Aleksandar Sarievski, and the Mavrovski Sisters.