Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

Police tries to prevent activists from coming to Skopje


Numerous reports of police harassment of protesters who were arriving to Skopje from other cities were shared all day long on the social media. Incoming protesters from Ohrid, Prilep, Bitola and other cities would detail their travels to the capital and how strategically placed police teams would stop their buses, conduct “technical examination” of the vehicles, or come up with other excuses to obstruct their passage.


It’s estimated that some 100 buses took for Skopje, and protest organizers provided transportation from dozens of cities and towns. Police teams were especially densely packed at the highway entrances to Skopje, in the afternoon hours.

– The Government is afraid of the rising majority of the people, wrote professor Biljana Vankovska, commenting on the police harassment of protesters.