Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

Poll: Highest trust ratings for President Ivanov and VMRO-DPMNE

Nikola Gruevski and VMRO-DPMNE with their coalition partners continue to enjoy high level of trust amongst Macedonian citizens, show results of a recent opinion poll.

The survey titled “Political Positions and Opinions of the Citizens of Macedonia II” was conducted on 12-22 March by the Center for Research and Analysis in Skopje.

Nikola Gruevski has won the trust of 37.850% of respondents, 11.692% have trust in Zoran Zaev, 7.692% in Ali Ahmeti, followed by Stevcho Jakimovski with 6.768% and Menduh Tachi with 5.538%.

The poll is a field research with face-to-face interviews of respondents in all six constituencies with a total of 1.839 respondents. The error margin is 2.29%.

When asked which party would they vote for in the parliamentary elections, 39.761% of the interviewed said they would vote for VMRO-DPMNE with its coalition partners, 13.538% for SDSM with its coalition partners, 6.923% for DUI, 4.461% for DPA and 4.935% for GROM. 19.153% of respondents responded with “I don’t know”.

Presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov would win 42.243% of votes, the candidate Stevo Pendarovski 19.692% of votes, Zoran Popovski 5.387% and Ilijaz Halimi 5.218%. 18.384% said they have not decided yet.

The personality of presidential candidates is decisive for voters when deciding who to vote for in the upcoming elections (68.153%), while 18.692% said they would vote in line with their party affiliation.