Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Pregnant women the target of discrimination in the workplace

Most complaints to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination this year were filed by pregnant women, hired for a definite period of time, but laid off once their employers found out that they were pregnant.

“Unfortunately, even through we are aware that this is a case of discrimination, the law prevents us from taking certain steps. Discrimination in these cases can be established only if there is written evidence,” Nena Nenovska Gjorgievska, member of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, said at Thursday’s presentation of the 2017 Annual Report.

This year, she said, of the total number of complaints, a majority cover the area of workplace and work relations (41%), followed by discrimination based on access to goods and services (25%), media and public information (22%), education, science and sports (14%), and social safety (10%), including social protection, pension and disability insurance, health insurance and health protection.

59 complaints on the basis of discrimination were lodged last year to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination. These include sex-based and gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination, discrimination based on political affiliation, etc.

A trend of increase in the number of complaints has been registered, especially in 2017. Most importantly, the number of cases establishing existence of discrimination is also on the rise, according to Aleksandar Dastevski, Head of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.