Monday, 18 June 2018 | News today: 7

President Ivanov calls for unity to maintain Macedonia’s independence

President Ivanov calls for unity to maintain Macedonia

President Gjorge Ivanov spoke at the flag raising ceremony in his official residence on Vodno, a day ahead of Macedonia’s Independence Day, and said that protecting the independence of Macedonia is obligation of all.

“Nearly 26 years ago, on September 8th, we accomplished the dream of centuries, to have a free and independent Macedonian state. F26 years we invested in our fatherland, in its security and the security of its citizens. We cherished the tradition of respecting our differences. Safeguarding our independence is our obligation, regardless what the days may bring. We’ve been through many challenges and we’ll endure many more but only united we can overcome them”, said President Ivanov who was joined by pupils from several elementary schools in Skopje for the ceremony.

President Ivanov said that it is the obligation of this generation to make Macedonia economically strong, prosperous and successful. “Macedonia as member of NATO and the European Union. A state in which the young people will be able to realize their dreams, have a quality education and form a family”, said President Ivanov, as a Macedonian Army guard unit raised the flag.

According to the President, only unity can help share the responsibility for the future, which should be focused on bringing in new investments and opening new markets.