Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

President Ivanov: I have nothing to add to Nimetz’s comments on name issues

President Gjorgje Ivanov today, when he was asked  whether Macedonia and Greece at the moment were very close to finding a name solution, as it was claimed by DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in a recent interview with Alsat M TV station, he said:

“During my tenure as president, i have never been pessimistic, i have always been a realist. Being realistic, we all know the statement made by Mr. Nimetz, who is thoroughly informed in the entire process. Thus i have nothing to add to Nimetz’s comments”.

Asked whether he would run for second term, Ivanov answered: “When the time is right, i will announce my decision to the citizens”.

In connection to the possibility of pardoning the journalist Tomislav Kezarovski if such a procedure was to be launched by the Ministry of Justice, President Ivanov said that laws and the Constitution would be respected.
“I have never commented on court veridict during my term as president, nor i intend to do so. I respect everything that is in compliance with the law and the Constitution. A commission is formed in my cabinet tasked with reviewing these issues and when an initiative will be launched (for pardoning) it will reach a decision that i intend to accept in line with the position of the Justice Ministry”, noted President Gjorgji Ivanov.