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President Ivanov: No place in project for united Europe for arguments to block Macedonia


Macedonia has met all the criteria required to join NATO, nevertheless the country was blocked and left to its own devices. The arguments used to block Macedonia are the same as those made up during the cold war, which do not deserve to be part of the project on united, free and peaceful Europe, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said in an address at the 21st conference of the army chiefs of staff of countries-members of the US Adriatic Charter (A-5) taking place Thursday in Skopje.

According to him, the open door for Macedonia to integrate into the Alliance is a metaphorical invitation, however Macedonia and NATO share the same values, interests and priorities.

“With NATO, we are sharing obligations, tasks and responsibilities. NATO and Macedonia are sharing the same criteria. Therefore, interoperability and operational capacity have been overcome long ago. We have been doing it because since declaring independence, the country has been seeing its future in the Alliance,” Ivanov said adding he expected NATO to remain consistent to the ‘grand project’ that would allow ‘the last lingering shadow from the bloc-like division between the Balkans and Europe to disappear.’

Addressing the event, the President said the time when Europe’s borders had been protected outside of Europe was long gone. Even though the number of inter-state conflicts has been dropping, the number of conflicts withing the countries themselves has been increasing, according to Ivanov.

As more and more people are being radicalized by foreign terrorist fighters, Europe is faced with attacks committed by second or third generation of migrants, he noted.

“To address this threat, A5 countries should be fully integrated into the architecture of the security system of NATO and the EU with a limitless access to all data bases,” President Ivanov concluded.