Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

President Ivanov nominates judges Kostadinovski and Kadriu for constitutional court members


President Gjorge Ivanov has nominated judges Darko Kostadinovski and Osman Kadriu for new members of the Constitutional Court, his Office told MIA on Monday.

The President’s proposal is a result of his consultations with law experts, Ivanov’s Office said.

The President is nominating two candidates who are to replace judges Natasa Gaber Damjanovska and Gzime Starova, as their mandate expired last month.

Macedonia’s Constitutional Court of is composed of nine judges. The Constitution says that the President proposes two judges, the Judicial Council – two and, while the Parliament, under the constitutional amendment no.15 elects six of the judges to the Constitutional Court by a majority vote of the total number of MPs. The Parliament elects three of the judges by a majority vote of the total number of the MPs, within which there must be a majority of the votes of the total number of deputies who belong to non-majority communities in Macedonia. The term of office of the judges is nine years without the right to re-election.

The Constitutional Court elects a President from its own ranks for a term of three years without the right to reelection. Judges of the Constitutional Court are elected from the ranks of outstanding members of the legal profession.

The office of judge of the Constitutional Court is incompatible with the performance of other public office, profession or membership in a political party. Judges of the Constitutional Court are granted immunity. The Constitutional Court decides on their immunity.