Thursday, 13 December 2018 | News today: 25

President Ivanov requested Merkel to assist parallel settlement of name dispute

The presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Brdo-Brioni Process leaders’ meeting demonstrates EU’s interest in our region, said President Gjorge Ivanov on Tuesday, MIA reports from Dubrovnik.


“Merkel’s messages were very optimistic, saying Macedonia must join EU and NATO, whereas a solution to the name row must be found, since this is a burden for them as it is for us”, said Ivanov.

The President briefed the Chancellor on the consequences of the current status-quo in Macedonia’s integration process.

“I stressed this situation does not benefit anyone and requires broader engagement in order to come to a solution”, said Ivanov.

He highlighted the positive regional experiences of parallel settlement of issues between Slovenia and Croatia, as well as Belgrade and Pristina.

“Chancellor Merkel said they will continue to assist the process and seek for a solution”, added Ivanov.

Merkel stressed Europe’s policy is solution through compromise and talks.

“I told her that we do not have an interlocutor, since all our initiatives and invitations have been rejected. There is no partner from the other side, other than UN Envoy Matthew Nimetz, to talk towards finding a solution”, said Ivanov.


According to him, the Dubrovnik Summit is a positive signal for the entire region, which is again becoming an attractive destination for foreign investments.

“This meeting is an introduction of the summit of regional PMs, energy and economy ministers with Chancellor Merkel in August”, said Ivanov.

He emphasized the Adriatic-Ionian motorway linked all regional roads and enabled economic development.

“This motorway enables the networking of investments in individual countries. It creates an environment of open-minded people that communicate and exchange goods”, added Ivanov.

Pertaining to railroad Istanbul-Munich via Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade, President Ivanov said it linked with Macedonia’s railroads and represented a foundation for larger cooperation.