Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 14


Ацо Станковски

Aco Stankovski

Days become apathetic and, yet, uncertain. People have stabilized from the coup and its consequences. It is always so when the coup succeeds, conducted by the terrible arms of the Deep state and the monster that lives in the depths of its swamp. It is a swamp of morality and merit, it’s hellish abyss of power in this world.

This monster starves for human suffering. For human raw meat, their vitality, their souls. The latter excites its the most, drives it crazy, throws it in a monstrous trance, this hideous monster that lies in the depths of the swamp of the Deep state and runs its latifundium. Whips crack, slaves scream, the horizon is black. The horizon, created by hills and mountains of garbage. Awful fumes with a foul smell and toxic effect of common sense levitate through the landscape.

Such are the works of the Deep state, like a Hollywood horror movie. High budget, superstars, superior PR.

When politics crumbles, here is the people, but also the monster from the Deep state. When politics falls down, people will reach out to it to stand up become, or will severely reprimand the protagonists of the coup. Those who tore down all principles of political behavior in the pre-election and during the elections, and then, when they went on breaking all agreements in order to come to power like frantic, portraying themselves as innocent victims, whom people should sympathize with and let them come to power, the thing they have been wanting for years. Indeed, they did everything to come there, where they are.

Within reach, so close, here, the international community has recognized them, accepted the coup, crowned the head of the putschists, regardless of the wreck that was made under this act in relation to the Constitution and the laws.

The principle exalts the character, and principlism creates trust and reliability. Without these virtues there are no harmonic systems, without principles we are similar to animals.

And indeed, these images began to swarm through the information systems, to present agitated bestriarium with eyes wide open and mouths shut. Bleeding and ratty with pale faces, fearful for their lives. What horror, what sadness and helplessness, ugly and unacceptable situation, yet so logically set in the entire operation. This film goes without cessation for years. The people have been brought to the verge of tolerance. Suddenly the film cracks and it comes to a flood of horrible emotions that no longer can be controlled, to explosion.

The people has the real power in their hands. Even if for a moment it seems to be defeated and disarmed, brought under control and well reined in, it’s just an illusion, so it looks, but that’s not the case. It just that the people has withdrawn deep into its shelters. In those moments it is thinking, its mind frantically works, unfathomable enigmas play in its mind, it is processing the shocking experiences over and over again.


Why? Why? Why?

And why not ?!

And, again an uneasy rotation around the axis of the problem, but without an answer. In such a dichotomy of the consciousness of the researcher of wisdom and truth penetrate all the lies and slander of affair machine. The worldview waves, confusion known to enslave, skepticism to capture, fear to frozen.

In other words, despite the empathy that is born towards the battered politicians, now it is not the time for sentimentalism, and let alone for mutual recriminations, especially with those who were first on the list of the swamp monster from the Deep state in Washington DC.

The pieces of the broken amphorae of ancient beliefs need to be collected. They will be stuck with a super glue called trust and forgiveness, and then forward the sacred mission to maintain law and harmony between citizens and the state.

The mistakes should be realized, by both parties, and the patriots and the deceived citizens who due to various, sometimes justified reasons voted for SDSM and were already trapped. Like rabbits, like sparrows, like mice.

Some became aware of this and it makes us happy all those who are defending the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Macedonia. Others still dream idiotic dreams like zombies, hopelessly glued to the foolish boxes of fanaticism.