Monday, 17 December 2018 | News today: 12

Promotion of children’s book of Israeli Ambassador in Macedonian and Albanian language



The children’s book ‘When Father Grows Up’ of Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia Dan Oryan in Macedonian and Albanian language has been promoted Thursday in Skopje as part of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia (WAM) project ‘Days of Macedonian Publishers’.

Funds of the book’s sale will be donated to children with terminal illness. The book is published by the Lacrima Literalis, while the illustrations of the edition in Macedonian language are signed by Bitola­-based artist Aleksandar Popovski.

“I am in love with Macedonia,” Ambassador Oryan said at the promotion, extending gratitude to all of those who contributed to publishing of his book. Oryan wrote the book during his posting as deputy ambassador to Denmark.

Originally published in Hebrew in 2008, the book was later translated into Danish (2010), Serbian (2013) and recently into Arabic as well. The marvelous illustrations in the book were drawn by artist Pepi Marzel.

‘When Father Grows Up’ is written in the format of a father speaking with his son before he goes to bed. The son asks the father if he knew as a child what he wanted to do when he grew up, and the father tells of the many ideas he had. While the son finds something positive with each idea, he focuses mainly on the disadvantages of the father’s proposals. For example, when the father dreamed of being the world gymnastic champion, the son responds rather sarcastically that it could have been great, because then he would have a gold medal to put on. On the other hand, the world gymnastic champion has to train all the time, leaving him no time at all to play with his son. Examples pile up: firefighter, school principal, ice cream truck driver and even anchor on the evening news. After discussing the pros and cons of various professions, they finally agree on the best possible profession ever ­ a salesman in a candy store. As the child yawns, the father says there was actually one thing he would rather do more than anything else in the world ­ to be his father.