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Public debt drops in Q3


The Finance Ministry published Tuesday data on the government and public debts for the third quarter (Q3) of 2017, showing a drop compared to the previous quarter.

The government debt in Q3 amounts to EUR 3,87 billion or 37.8 percent of the GDP, a drop by EUR 9,6 million or 0.1 percent.

The public debt, which includes the government and the guaranteed debts, stands at EUR 4,69 billion or 45.8 percent of the GDP. This represents a reduction by EUR 16,8 million or 0.2 percent.

The Finance Ministry says the debts’ lowering is owed to the repayment of outstanding liabilities regarding a foreign debt in the amount of EUR 101,9 million.

Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski said on Tuesday that new indebtedness at both the national and international markets amounts to EUR 27 million since the beginning of June.