Tuesday, 11 December 2018 | News today: 15

Referendum fiasco: of 1 100 000 Only 250 thousand Macedonians will vote in the referendum Macedonian voters

According to an official OSCE poll, turnout in the referendum will be catastrophically bad. Namely, according to this credible institution, turnout will be 32.3% of the total voting body, which translated into numbers is 616,930 votes.

If we take this poll as precise, and taking into account the fact that all Albanian parties in Macedonia have called for coming out in the referendum as well as the parties of the communities, we can freely conclude that the number of Macedonians who would vote in the referendum would be around 250-300 thousands.

This is a cold shower for the authorities by the Macedonian electorate, which more than obviously does not approve the harmful anti-state policies of SDSM.

The citizens do not agree that the Republic of Macedonia to change its name, following the agreement signed by Zaev’s government, with which the country loses its identity, history, culture and tradition.

In addition, the citizens see that this government does nothing to benefit the Republic of Macedonia, everything that is doing is harming the Macedonian national interests, but also on the inside, we have a failed economy, more young people are moving out, although the current government promised that it would stopped it, it even speeded up the process, so the interior of the state is rapidly being emptied, and Skopje too.

For year and a half there are no projects, no investments, the government literally does nothing.

According to media reports, this lack of interest among citizens is due to the fact that the ruling parties have betrayed their voters, the dissatisfaction among the people is huge, but from the OSCE unofficially briefed that the media propaganda for the upcoming referendum of the ruling parties is a complete failure.