Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 3

Region to use European funds for transport corridors: summit


The region of Southeast Europe can use European funds in its Union accession process for urgent improvement of the current state of transport corridors, said Iztok Seljak, vice-president of the Summit 100 board, on Monday.

“We should bring Europe into the region before the official accession of the SEE countries in the EU through mutual openness. In a way, the region is in a better position than EU members and our differences can serve as an advantage if we properly join forces”, Seljak told the Summit 100 held in Skopje.

He said the world is heading towards a new economic revolution.

“The transition in the coming 10-15 years will be supported by digitization. Green and electric mobility is an integral part of this. The region can again come late for something that is at the very beginning, and we have the opportunity to be leaders in this segment. This is an imperative of this summit”, stressed Seljak.

He stressed the Edison (Eco Driving Innovative Solutions and Network) platform has been created to this end, which aims at turning the region into a hub of future green mobility.

“‘Edison’ has already joined 50 companies, universities and institutes in Slovenia, and is now expanding in the SEE through concept ‘Edison e-City’, including an infrastructure of chargers for electric vehicles, green taxes, car sharing. We want to also urge the industry and manufacturers to use Edison for new innovative solutions and a green 1,400km-long  corridor from Ljubljana to Skopje, Pristina and Tirana”, underlined Seljak.