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Researcher Nikola Boshale laureate of ‘St. Clement of Ohrid’ award


The Ohrid researcher, writer and essayist PhD. Nikola Boshale is this year’s winner of ‘St. Clement of Ohrid-patron of the city’ award, while PhD. Angela Krstanovska – Vasilevska from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality and Super Radio will be presented with ‘St. Clement of Ohrid’ recognition.

Ohrid Mayor Jovan Stojanoski brought the decision for awarding Boshale on the proposal of the expert commission in the competition of five proposals that met the criteria.

Nikola Boshale is born in 1929 in Ohrid, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sociology, exceptionally fruitful scientist. He is among the best researchers and expert of the City of Ohrid, and his research should be edited to study the valuable cultural heritage of Ohrid, Stojanoski said.

The city of Ohrid presents the highest municipal awards and recognitions to legal entities and individuals for life-long achievements in all areas of social life that are of great importance for the Municipality of Ohrid and greatly contributed to its development, progress and overall affirmation in the Republic Macedonia and the world.

The award handover ceremony will be held on Dec. 8 to celebrate Ohrid’s patron holiday-St. Clement of Ohrid.