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Russia, Iran, Turkey planning to hold global conference on Syrian refugees


Russia, Iran and Turkey are planning to convene an international conference on the return of Syrian refugees, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Tuesday at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the results of the September 7 summit of the three nations’ leader in Teheran.

‘A major item on the summit’s agenda was discussion of efforts to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons. We are convinced that an international conference Russia, Iran and Turkey are planning to convene will make a big contribution to these efforts,’ he said, adding that the Syrian government has guaranteed security to returning refugees.

Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia, Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey held their third summit meeting on Syrian settlement in Tehran on September 7. They agreed to continue efforts to protect civilians and improve the humanitarian situation in Syria. They also agreed that the process of wording Syria’s new constitution should be simplified to ensure its soonest adoption. They decided to have another trilateral high-level meeting on Syrian settlement in Russia.