Thursday, 13 December 2018 | News today: 24

Samaras: We cannot accept a Macedonian language and identity

We will not allow our Macedonia to be sold. I have always said that we cannot give Skopje the name Macedonia, because from that moment on they will officially be called Macedonians, not Northmacedonians or Uppermacedonians, says former Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras, MIA reports from Athens.

“The Prespa Agreement officially gives the Skopians name Macedonia, the nationality, the language and the identity. Despite disagreements in the past, no Greek politician has ever accepted the recognition of a Macedonian nation, language and identity,” Samaras told members of the Kavala chamber of commerce.

The former PM and incumbent New Democracy MP says the opposition party will not vote for the Prespa Agreement’s ratification.

“If the agreement is ratified in the Greek parliament, Skopje’s NATO integration is all but finished. However, all other long-term aspects of the agreement will not last. The following Greek governments will be forced, sooner or later, to get rid of them. Why? Because we cannot accept a Macedonian language and identity, because this will have consequences within Greece, because Skopje’s irredentism will be legalized,” adds Samaras.

Referring to the process of European integration, he says Greece cannot renounce its right to negotiate with Skopje over its accession.

“EU member Bulgaria can negotiate on everything with them, but Greece cannot because of the Prespa Agreement. For example, Bulgaria can veto Skopje’s integration and we cannot. We cannot negotiate whether Macedonian products from Kavala can be called Macedonian,” noted Samaras.