Wednesday, 19 December 2018 | News today: 16

SDSM member of Parliament Kiracovski asked if he helped his sister get hired to a public sector job


The sister of leading SDSM member of Parliament Aleksandar Kiracovski was hired in the Central Registry office in Bitola, at a well paid position. The revelation comes as Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is announcing firings in the public administration, and Kiracovski was accused in the public by influencing this hiring and having a close family member employed in a questionable procedure.

Kiracovski is considered to be a major actor in SDSM, especially when it comes to hiring party activists in the public sector institutions in Bitola, including the REK Bitola power plant, the customs office at the border with Greece or the town hall.

Even some usual supporters of the SDSM party, such as former Colored Revolution activist Meri Nikolova, pilloried Kiracovski about this move, accusing him of influencing the Central Registry to hire his sister Mirjana Josifovska.