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SDSM promised everything before elections just to get more votes from citizens

SDSM promised everything before the elections just to get more votes from the citizens. That they would bring life, that they would return all emigrants from Macedonia, that they would bring new jobs, that instead of party people, experts would be employed, that they would separate parties from the administration, that they would consult with the people for everything, that doctors would be paid at least 1,600 euros, and the average salary would be 500 euros, that the farmers would get a lot of money, modern education, NATO, the EU, reforms … and what not, Nikola Gruevski said in his speech on the occasion of the 26 anniversary of UMS VMRO-DPMNE.

Alright somebody will say a short period of time has passed, they have been in power for 40 days. Yes it is short, but do you remember what we did in the first 40 days when we came to power in 2006? We reduced the VAT for farmers for agricultural mechanization, for agricultural devices by amending the law, but we also reduced the VAT for public transport, pharmaceuticals, computers, and more other products and services, for the first time we introduced subsidies for farmers in Macedonia by expressly rebalancing the budget, we introduced a flat tax by changing the law, we lowered the taxes to the lowest in Europe, and then in the world, with a new mobile operator we reduced the prices of telephone services by 70%, we adopted a law that created the Ministry of Information Technologies, we devised, defined and published the concept of free economic zones in which many investors came, we introduced a law with which we created the third state University in Stip, and a number of other very specific reforms, deeds, projects, and steps that we had promised and whose implementation we did not postpone.And after the formation of the government in 2008 in the first 100 days, we had 183 implemented measures, said among other things the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.