Friday, 21 September 2018 | News today: 8

SEC: 52.8% turnout in Tearce up to 17:00h

The State Election Commission (SEC) said Sunday that 377 people came out to vote at the Tearce polling station up to 17:00h, i.e. 52.8% percent of the 714 people registered in the Voters List.

The voting process is peaceful and no problems have been reported. There was a 15-minute interruption in the voting in the morning due to problems with the UV lamps, but the process resumed after their replacement.

There are observers from political parties and NGOs at the polling station, along with police presence.

SEC is expected to announce the preliminary results at a press conference scheduled for 21:30h.

SEC decided to repeat the voting in this polling station based on the simulation, which showed that the revote could affect the number of allocated MP seats in the sixth election district.

The SEC decision is based on Article 151, Paragraph 3 of the Electoral Code, which reads that the voting should be repeated if it can affect the end result. It also follows the decision by the Administrative Court to accept the appeal by the SDSM-led coalition and scrap the voting in this polling station.

The Tearce polling station has 714 registered voters, of whom 404 voted on December 11. VMRO-DPMNE got 91 votes, followed by SDSM-87, Besa-65, DPA-64, DUI-53, Alliance for Albanians-25, Coalition VMRO for Macedonia-1 and Coalition for Changes and Justice-1.

According to SEC’s preliminary results for the sixth election district, DUI won most votes – 40,599, followed by VMRO-DPMNE (26,135), SDSM (25,828), Besa (25,054), Alliance for Albanians (17,970), DPA (16,225), VMRO for Macedonia (919) and Coalition for Changes and Justice (239).

The vote result gave DUI six MP seats, VMRO-DPMNE-4, SDSM and Besa-3 each, Alliance for Albanians and DPA-2 each.

The narrow margin between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM (307 votes) in this election district means that the number of MP seats could change depending on the outcome of the vote.