Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

SEC begins issuing certificates to newly elected Parliament members

Representatives of the parties and coalitions that won seats in the new Parliament will pick up their certificates at the State Electoral Commission (SEC) on Wednesday.

Instead of the usual custom of giving these certificates to each individual member of Parliament, this year it will be party representatives that will pick up all the certificates for their group. VMRO-DPMNE and their coalition won the most seats in Parliament – 51, followed by SDSM and its coalition with 49 seats. DUI will have 10 seats, followed by the recently formed BESA movement with 5. The Alliance of Albanians coalition has three seats and DPA has two.

No later than December 31st on midnight, the Speaker of the preceding Parliament Trajko Veljanoski, should call for the inaugural meeting of the new Parliament. At his meeting, the procedure for verifying mandates will begin, and it is also possible that the next Speaker and his deputies will be elected.

Then, President Gjorge Ivanov has a deadline of 10 days to award the mandate to form a new Government to the candidate of the party that has majority in Parliament. The mandate holder then has 20 days to present a Government and a program to Parliament for approval with a majority of at least 61 representatives. The entire process is expected to last until early February.