Tuesday, 16 October 2018 | News today: 0

SEC rejects yet another SDSM election complaint


The State Election Commission (SEC) resumed Friday its session convened to mull election complaints lodged by the opposition parties, namely SDSM and the BESA Movement of the Albanian bloc.

After reviewing an appeal of the SDSM-led opposition coalition about the voting process at a polling station in Tetovo, the SEC rejected it by seven votes against and two in favor.

So far, the SEC has rejected three complaints filed by the SDSM-led opposition coalition and seven complaints of the BESA Movement.

On Thursday, in relation to a complaint submitted by BESA Movement, the electoral body asked for the services of a graphologist to examine the signature of a voter to determine whether attempts had been made a vote to be cast twice in Sunday’s elections.

Furthermore, protesters are gathered outside the premises of the State Election Commission in downtown Skopje for the second day in a row ‘to prevent the will of the majority of voters from being seized’.