Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

“Seke” Prilep denies connection with Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis and the Government

The company “SEKE” DOOEL Prilep denies all allegations of any association of the company with Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis, as well as allegations of connection with the Government, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and any political party in Macedonia.

“The allegations in the article published by the news portal “Economski Lider” on November 3, entitled “Exclusive: Zaev has connections with Russian businessman who finances pro-Russian parties and protests” that the Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis is the owner of the company” SEKE “AS Greece and the legal entity “SEKE” DOOEL Prilep are absolutely incorrect. The same untruths are repeated in the article entitled “The Government under Russian Influence: Customs stopped the investigation into Savvidis’ tobacco company!” published on the same portal on November 5 despite our denial,” SEKE DOOEL Prilep said.

They emphasize that the company “SEKE” AS Greece, whose full name is “Corporate Association of Tobacco Producers of Greece SEKE AS”, was founded in 1947 and has not yet changed its ownership structure.

“We categorically emphasize that in the ownership structure of” SEKE “AS Greece, there has never been a figure named Savvidis. All the allegations in the published texts of the news portal “Ekonomski lider” for connections of the company with the Government and its representatives are absolutely not true,” says the statement of “SEKE” DOOEL Prilep.