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Sela doesn’t give up on Health Ministry easily – asks for Education or Transport

The Ministry of Health has found itself in the middle of the Alliance for Albanians and SDSM. The coalition partners haven’t agreed yet who will get this department. Kanal 5 TV, citing a source from Zijadin Sela’s party, said that Health was the desired department and that it had good staff offer for this place, and that they were also aware that the Social Democrats also want to set up their own staff.

The Alliance also told Kanal 5 that they were ready to compromise to give up on Health if they were offered a place in a key ministry as Education, Transport or Labor and Social Policy.

The coalition partners, although they have intensified their communication, still have not reached an agreement on the future schedule in the government coalition. Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev told the party’s central committee that talks were being held with the coalition partners and announced decisions by the end of this month. Zaev said that he had meetings with the leader of the Alliance for the Albanians and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, but they had not reached an agreement on the open positions.

“It’s a very serious department. I said that we will bring decisions by the end of the month. We have been intensively negotiating since the elections were officially declared. I use every moment to work on filling in this ministerial place as soon as possible and the empty ministerial place for foreign investments, as well as the deputy minister who became mayor of Cair,” Zaev said.

A total of three ministerial posts remained vacant after the local elections. It is the elections and the rhetoric between the Alliance and DUI during the election campaign that triggered turbulence in the government coalition and the process of appointing new ministers.