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Serbian actress Tanja Boskovic laureate of Risto Siskov festival


Serbian actress Tanja Boskovic is the recipient of this year’s best actor award at the 25. chamber theatre festival “Risto Siskov” for her role in a production by Belgrade-based “Zvezdara” theatre.

The jury decided to present Boskovic with the golden medallion bearing the image of Macedonian legendary actor Risto Siskov (1940-1986) and EUR 1,500.

“This award means a lot, it is an honor. I will always cherish the memory of the great actor, the man who fought for dignity of acting. We can speak different languages, but the actors’ spirit is the same all over the world”, said Boskovic.

Over the past five days, the Strumica audience had the chance to see 14 theatre plays from Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The “Risto Siskov” festival was held under the auspices of Strumica municipality and the Ministry of Culture.