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Serbian List will not vote Kosovo – Montenegro border demarcation agreement


Serbian List (Srpska Lista) political party confirmed late Tuesday that it won’t change its position, party’s 10 MPs in Kosovo parliament will not vote agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro.

Serbian List spokesperson Igor Simic said that the Serbian List had already presented its position in regard to demarcation and will not change it.

Serbian List will not vote on demarcation irrespective of the false and tendentious statements presented in Albanian language media and are cited by the Serbian media, Simic said.

Leader of Serbian Progressive Democratic Party in Kosovo Nenad Rasic said late Tuesday that MPs of Serbian List imposed several conditions to support the ratification of agreement on border demarcation.

On the other hand, the Democratic Union of Kosovo has demanded transparency over the talks between the Government and the Serbian List, while Social Democratic Initiative MP Bilal Sherifi said that the Serbian List is conditioning the government of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj in exchange for votes on the demarcation.

To ratify the demarcation agreement, which was signed back in August 2015, the government needs two-third of all votes, 80 out of 120 MPs.

The main opposition Vetevendosje party has 31 seats, and is bitterly against the agreement, claiming it deprives Kosovo of territory on the border.