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Shamelessly they are cutting ribbons of factories that we brought!

If in 2003 I inherited a sinking ship, and together with you, we managed in 2 to 3 years to make a machine for reforms, machine for progress and wins, which at European and world level was noted as the top reformer in many areas, today everything is different. If then we were defeated with the support of only 8 percent, while SDSM with 31 percent support, today it is very different and better for us, when it comes to trust. The futile efforts of SDSM criminals to us to present us criminals by force, the futile efforts of unrealized, ambitious people and people with no capacity to, I would say, disfigure us, will not succeed, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said at Saturday’s celebration of the party’s 27th birthday.

Shamelessly they are cutting ribbons of factories that we brought during our term. As for new ones, we will have to wait Samka, Ramiz Merko and Shapuric to bring them, he added.

We brought over 100 companies that have already invested in Macedonia, we brought another thirty companies in the final phase of signing a contract, but with Ramiz Merko, Samka and Shapuric, I do not know if some of them will change the decision, Gruevski underlined.