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Short story submitted under Head High alias wins Zivko Cingo award


“Dropping the Ball,” a short story submitted under the alias Head High, has won City of Ohrid’s annual Zivko Cingo Short-Story Award given in honor of the well-known Macedonian storyteller, novelist, and playwright.

The panel of judges held a press conference Wednesday to announce the winner of this year’s competition, which drew 50 other short story submissions.

Poet and scholar Kristina Nikolovska said the winning story displayed ‘innovation in its tight narrative distilled through a screenplay that guides the main train of thought.’

Linguist and critic Dimitar Pandev described “Dropping the Ball” as a ‘deeply allegorical, compact story’ featuring ‘an abundance of wordplay’ and revealing the ‘intertextuality not only in literature but also in life.’

The award will be given to the winner during this year’s Zivko Cingo Evening. The literary event is held annually on August 13, Cingo’s birthdate, in his native village of Velgoshti near Ohrid.

Debuting with his short story collection Paskvelija in 1961, Cingo (1935-1987) was a prolific Macedonian writer from the post-World War II era.

His novel The Great Water (1971)—which the Encyclopaedia Britannica describes as showing the grandness and sadness of childhood—has been translated into English, and it was made into a movie in 2004.