Tuesday, 22 May 2018 | News today: 11

SIER union wants changes to the proposed law on the minimum wage

The SIER union of employees in industry, energy production and mining asked for changes to the proposed law that would increase the minimum wage to 12.000 denars (200 EUR) per month. According to the union, the currently proposed version of the text includes the term “normative output” which could allow employers to avoid paying the new, higher minimum wage to their employees.

“So long as the law provides that the minimum wage is conditioned on a certain output, that means that the law will not guarantee that workers will be paid the legally provided minimum wage. This will let employers manipulate their workers, as they have done so far. The version of the law that was agreed at a public debate in the Economic – Welfare Council on July 18th did not include these conditions”, SIER said through a press release.

The union insists that European Union countries or other countries in the Balkans do not condition the payment of the minimum wage on output.