Tuesday, 17 July 2018 | News today: 19

Silegov said he would ban driving older cars, which will largely affect the poor


The City of Skopje, alongside the Interior Ministry (MoI), will propose law changes stipulating that vehicles after undergoing technical inspection should receive an environmental-friendly sticker. This will provide an administrative provision allowing the city authority to temporarily exclude cars from traffic that are considered to be deteriorating air pollution.

This was announced Wednesday by the Skopje Mayor, Petre Silegov, after a meeting on air pollution in the Macedonian capital. According to him, the issue with pollution, both air and environment pollution, was starting to be dealt with for the first time in a systematic way.

“I expect legal changes to be prepared and passed by Parliament by the year’s end. By the end of 2018 we could succeed in having ‘environmentally’ mapped all vehicles used in the country. Then, we would be allowed to ban polluting vehicles from being used in traffic,” Silegov told reporters.

While subjected to inspection, gas emissions of the vehicles will be measured, which is going to determine into which category they will be put, i.e which kind of environment-friendly sticker the vehicles will get, i.e. red, yellow or green sticker depending on the category.

In Macedonia, vehicles are required to get technical inspection once a year.

The Skopje Mayor said the measure was ‘just an idea’ that required further analysis. “We are making an analysis on how to categorize vehicles according to the emissions of gas in compliance with the EU rules,” noted Silegov.

According to him, the so called ‘odd–even’ car rationing wasn’t fair, because ‘there are new cars with even-numbered license plates, while there are some old ones with odd-numbered license plates that pollute the air considerably more.’

As air pollution increases, parking prices will raise and public transportation fees will drop, Silegov reiterated.

“The idea is to stimulate the citizens to use public transportation more when parking prices are on the rise,” the Mayor said.

Silegov noted that he was prepared to be personally held accountable for any legal risk and to make decisions regardless of whether the public liked them or not.

As regards household heating, the Skopje Mayor said the issue could be resolved in the medium-term by introducing gasification in the Macedonian capital.