Saturday, 15 December 2018 | News today: 1

Skopje Criminal Court rejects ‘bombs’ as evidence for six SPO cases


The Skopje Criminal Court has rejected wiretapped phone conversations as evidence for the indictments in the Special Prosecution Office (SPO)’s cases ‘Titanic’, ‘Titanic 2′ (election frauds), ‘THN’ (demolishing of Kosmos building),  ‘Tank’ (purchase of EUR 600,000 – worth Mercedes’, ‘Tiffani’ (tax evasion) and ‘Trevnik’ (illegal construction).

For several SPO cases the Skopje-based Appellate Court has thus far reversed the Criminal Court rulings, declaring that the evidence obtained from the wiretapped recordings may be used as evidence in the criminal procedure.

SPO is expected to file motions against today’s decisions of the Skopje Criminal Court. Thus far SPO has submitted 17 indictments to the Skopje Criminal Court.