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Skopje Legends – new book by Danilo Kocevski

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The Skopje Summer Festival will present the latest book by Danilo Kocevski, named “Skopje Legends”. The author who chronicles famous Skopjaners, their haunts, habits and urban legends has covered the history of the Macedonian capital, from Antiquity until the First and Second World Wars and the Communist era.

“This book is mainly focused on the period between the two wars and before the 1963 earthquake. It is full with specifics about what life was like at the time. Kocevski shows us that contemporary Skopje in a way continues the urban spirit of the old Skopje”, writes Vesna Acevska, who reviewed the book.

The presentation will take place at the Skopje City Museum at 20h. According to Acevska, many so far unknown details are contained in the book, such as the photographs from the founding of the Skopje ZOO, letters between Thomas Mann and Skopje professor Anica Rebac, the opening of humanitarian hospitals by British dignitaries related to Winston Churchill and many other minutiae.

Also at the Skopje Summer Festival, at the Suli An theater there will be a 21h screening of the 2016 film Collide by Eran Creevy.