Monday, 22 October 2018 | News today: 0

Slight drop in prices of diesel

Retail prices of gasoline and diesel and those of extra light household fuel drop by MKD 0.50 per liter as of midnight, the Regulatory Energy Commission (REC) says Monday.

The new price of the gasoline EUROSUPER BS-95 is MKD 63 per liter, EURODIESEL (D-E V) will be sold for MKD 51 per liter and extra light household fuel (EL-1) stands at MKD 39.50 per liter

The price of EUROSUPER BS-98 remains MKD 65 per liter.

Under the REC decision, the retail price of fuel oil M-1 HC goes up by MKD 0.421 and stands at MKD 26.287 per kilogram.