Wednesday, 17 October 2018 | News today: 4

Sofia hosts 11. Macedonian Literary Visit


The 11th edition of ‘Macedonian Literary Visit’ kicked off Thursday in Sofia in the presence of eminent Macedonian and Bulgarian poets and writers.

The event, which aims at affirming the Macedonian literature in Bulgaria and bring the writers of both countries closer, is organized by Skopje-based publishing house “Makavej” in partnership with Sofia-based Macedonian Cultural and Information Centre (MCIC) and supported by the Ministry of Culture.

‘Makavej, along with Macedonian and Bulgarian poets, builds a bridge between the banks of one river that unite us,’ Macedonia’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorcev said at the opening ceremony.

The event presented the literary work of the contemporary Macedonian poet, writer and publicist, Trajan Petrovski. About twenty Macedonian and Bulgarian poets, including Petar Karaangov, Trajan Petrovski, Polina Mukanova, Milivan Stefanovski, Dimitar Hristov and Branko Cvetkovski recited their verses.

Liubomir Levchev, recipient of the Struga Poetry Evenings ‘Golden Wreath’, being unable to attend, greeted his colleagues with own poems, MIA reports from Sofia.

The manifestation resumes tomorrow, when ‘Makavej’ will present the ‘Macedonia Literary Daedalus’ award to Bulgarian author-translator for substantial contribution to the affirmation of Macedonian literature in Bulgaria and promotion of cooperation between writers from both countries.