Tuesday, 14 August 2018 | News today: 19

Sofia welcomes Skopje-Athens agreement


Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed Tuesday the agreement reached between the governments of Macedonia and Greece on the name issue.

‘This (the agreement) is opening the road to European, Euro-Atlantic integration of our neighbor. This is a real chance for the country to make progress and start the accession talks by the end of Bulgaria’s EU Presidency. Bulgaria has recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name since 1992 and the new name Republic North Macedonia should not be considered as a basis for possible change of existing borders or aspirations towards neighbors, i.e. their language, culture, history and identity. Bulgaria will insist the two neighboring, partner and friendly countries to offer guarantees that these principles will be unequivocally  voiced and confirmed in the agreement between them ,’ Bulgaria’s MoFA said in a press release.