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Stamenkovska blames SDSM of hiring partisan, violent NGO activists in the public service


VMRO-DPMNE blamed SDSM of placing partisan figures in administrative positions, which, the opposition party said, will lead to partization of the public service. At a press conference, VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Nevenka Stamenkovska pointed to the proposal to have SDSM member of Executive Committee Spase Gligorov appointed as head of the Administrative Agency.

“Gligorov himself claimed that he is not a high ranking party member, but documents showed that he only gave up on his party office on June 30th, with a notarized statement. This is an insult to the intelligence of the public, which knows full well what is happening”, Stamenkovska said.

She added that another issue with the public administration under SDSM is the hiring of people from the ostensibly non-partisan civil society sector or non-Governmental sector.

“Activists from the Soros organizations who were rampaging on our streets and were lying to us all that they are acting as a corrective influence of th then Government are now being hired to fill in Government positions. Zaev rewarded these profiteers for the manipulative role they played during the protests. The NGO sector was taken over by SDS and now it is being dismissed as the citizens begin to pick up the tab for the public hiring of its violent activists”, said Stamenkovska, referring to SDSM as SDS, omitting the letter M that stands for Macedonia.

In her statement, given in front of the Administrative Agency, Stamenkovska reminded the public of the statement now Prime Minister Zoran Zaev made in 2011, when he said that SDSM will employ partisan activists from the lowest cleaning job in the public service, up to the top managerial positions. “The punishment for such partisanship will come soon, at the first elections”, Stamenkovska added.