Sunday, 18 November 2018 | News today: 6

Storm damage in Strumica region yet to be determined


Damage from the storm that swept the Strumica region over the weekend is not severe because most of the crops were protected under plastic covers, Agriculture Minister Ljupco Nikolovski told journalists on Tuesday.

Speaking after the press conference held to present the upcoming Agra Fair in Slovenia, Minister Nikolovski said that further assessment was needed to get more detailed damage estimates.

“We don’t expect the storm damage to impact the overall production and export,” Nikolovski said, “considering we’ve had a good year so far.”

Nikolovski explained there was no problem regarding watermelon production and marketing, adding that a thousand tons of watermelon have been purchased over the past seven days.

He also listed the measures undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture to tackle the challenges of climate change, such as installing new weather stations in Kocani, Strumica, and Gradsko as well as repairing existing ones, including the radar system in Gjuriste; developing a lightning protection system; drafting a new law on agricultural support, and opening a debate on farmers’ insurance.

“We’ve been repairing things no one has paid any attention to over the past ten years,” Minister Nikolovski said.