Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | News today: 20

Subsidies for 290 households who switched to pellets for heating


The city of Skopje informed that it received total of 290 requests from households for subsidies used to switch to pellet heating.

A committee is working to examine the applications and to award the money to households that will throw away their coal, oil or wood burning systems and switch to burning pellets, which have much lower emission levels. The system of subsidies was introduced in the winter of 2016, amid another record setting air pollution period. The pellets are often made from wood dust and splinters, as well as from organic waste.

Many of the buildings in the capital Skopje use a central system with water heated with gas, but the houses often burn low quality wood, or even coal, plastics or oil to warm up, creating a huge spike in air pollution. The situation is similar across much of the country, with a natural gas supply system believed to be years away from completion.