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Super Cup in Skopje – chance for making easy money, citizens rent apartments for 750 euros per night

Skopje will host the 2017 UEFA Super Cup. Major football names will arrive in the country. Real Madrid and Manchester United will face off on 8 August. All football fans in the country talk about the arrival of Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric, Rooney, Ramos, Bale, Pogba … Skopje will host the grand football event, and Skopje residents will host football fans from all over Europe.

The hotels in the city are fully booked. Reservations are also made in the cities near Skopje, Veles and Kumanovo respectively. Hotels and hostels have made a special price list for the period August 1- 10.

Skopje residents are rubbing their hands. Apartments are being advertised, and the price per night is higher than the monthly rent in Skopje.

AIRBNB offers apartments for which the pricing per night during the Super Cup reaches up to 750 euros.

An apartment near the city center, which in the first week of July can be rented for 25 euros per night, in August costs 168 euros. The prices that we found refer to two people from per night – the first for the period around 5 July, the latter for the period around 8 August.