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Survey: One in three students in Serbia wants to move abroad after graduation


A third of Serbian students plan on leaving the country after they get their university degrees. Ninety percent have their parents’ blessing to do so, and seventy percent are counting on help from their relatives and friends living abroad, according to a recent survey carried out by the Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio in charge of Demographics and Population Policy in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the State Statistical Office of Serbia.

Minister Slavica Đukić Dejanović said that the survey aimed to assess the scope of student migration and to come up with measures to keep young people in Serbia.

Out of 11,013 participants in the survey, a quarter was resolved to leave the country and said there was nothing the state could do to keep them.

“Most willing to leave Serbia,” Đukić Dejanović said, “are IT, communications, and medical students, and less inclined are social sciences and humanities graduates.”

Students said they would not leave the country if they were given better conditions to start their own business, more affordable real estate loans, or more stimulating academic research opportunities.

The Minister said that the average age of young people leaving Serbia was 28.5, and one in four people to emigrate had a university degree.