Wednesday, 21 November 2018 | News today: 0

Sydney university develops glue to seal wounds in a minute


Got a wound? Got minute? No problem, someday we’ll just seal it with glue.

But not just any glue, this elastic glue was developed by researchers and biomedical engineers from the University of Sydney to seal wounds in a span of a minute.

In a YouTube video, the MeTro glue according to bioengineers at the university seals wounds with the help of a degrading enzyme.

Once the glue is applied on the wound, the adhesive will start to work when you run UV light over the affected area.

The glue researchers say it can also seal internal wounds and incisions.

But before you get yourself nicked, scratched or severely scraped, wait for the actual product to come out in the market.

Right now though, the glue has been found to be effective on rodent arteries and pig lungs.