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North or South Macedonia, who cares, as long as we are officially recognized, Zaev tells BBC

In an interview on BBC’s Hardtalk show, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he did not fear for his future, his security, nor his political career, answering the journalist’s questing whether he feared for his safety after nationalists in...

Over 75% of citizens will vote for a name change in the referendum, Zaev tells BBC

This is a historic moment for Macedonia and we must decide what kind of future we want, Prime Minister Zaev said in an interview with the BBC. According to Zaev, over 70% of citizens will support the name agreement in a referendum. Asked whether...

BBC video-story about Ohrid Lake

Under the title ‘The Ancient History Concealed in Europe’s Oldest Lake’ the BBC Travel published a video story about the Ohrid Lake. ‘This is the oldest lake in Europe. The area around is old too. Even the town of Ohrid...

Poposki for BBC: Macedonia faced with violent attempt by several hundred people to cross border

Foreign Minister Nikola Popovski has told BBC’s Newsnight that the Macedonian police was faced on Monday with a violent attempt by several hundred people to cross the border from Greece and had to react in order to prevent illegal and...

BBC on Vevcani Carnival: It’s like being in a friendly riot

On its travel web page, BBC presented a report from this year’s Vevcani carnival. “Hundreds take to the streets, their faces covered with masks from frightening to bizarre to downright incongruous. St. Basil’s day carnival,...

Two Macedonians in the prisoner-jihadist swap between ISIS, Turkey

British media on Monday reported that Turkish hostages freed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group last month may have been released as part of a prisoner exchange for up to 180 jihadist fighters. The Times newspaper cited a list...