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Golden record: a story about space

Columnist:Budimka Popovska(nun Makrina)   Wherever you go, you are there Picture of the golden record sent into space with “Voyager 1″. The record is made of isotope uranium which has a half-life of 4.468 billion years, containing...
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Greece takes over EU Presidency – Macedonia faces new blockade

Columnist:Goran Momiroski At the last summit of the European Union, Macedonia did not receive what deserves and what wants, and the reasons were not trivial nor a result of some confusion in Brussels. Most of the public believes that the so...


Columnist:Aco Stankovski Molière, Mark Twain, Italo Svevo, Voltaire, Lewis Carroll, Stendhal, Moravia… Great names in literature. Or better said, pseudonyms. These names you already read, are false names (nom de plume, in French),...
Budimka Popovski
(nun Makrina)

Neuroplastic diet

Columist:Budimka Popovska(nun Makrina) Or: how to lose all those unnecessary kilograms with just one move: stop considering yourself as a fatty. And here begin the real problems – it is much easier to manage ship, airplane, submarine and...
Nenad Mircevski

Where there is European solidarity, there is no international right

  Nenad Mircevski European Council’s fifth consecutive failure to set a date for start of EU negotiations with Macedonia entails the dilemma to whom the international right is applied, what European solidarity means and where are...

Do not leave us alone!

Columnist:GoranMomiroski Are you going to leave us alone again? This question, which I have been asked in various forms by a couple of friends of mine living in Struga and Kichevo, is actually the best answer to the question how a number of...

Our “Republika” does have readers

Biljana ZafirovaEditor-in-chief We started at the beginning of the year…On January 11. Small team with big enthusiasm. We had faith in ourselves and what we were doing, regardless of how hard it was sitting in front of the computer every...

Pocket-size anthropology

Columnist: Budimka Popovska (nun Makrina) For the first time in my life I visited my dead mother’s birth place last week. Four years after her death. During her own seven decades of life she did not have the chance to return once more....

Quotations and cynics

Columnist: Budimka Popovska (nun Makrina) Quotations are the easiest and the most beautiful part of a text. The author can secretly triumph just for sharing the opinion of somebody from some other time and other space. The origin of the quotation...

Frckoski: Judges are bigger transitional traitors than us

A new theory of the well known expert for many subjects, professor at the Faculty of Law, Ljubomir Frckoski. In his latest column for the portal “Libertas”, he accused the judges of being the biggest traitors in this country and...